La Patrie is a company born in 2014 in Ponte a Egola in the province of Pisa, right in the heart of the Tuscan Tanning District. It specializes in the tanning and finishing of fine leather.
The headquarters, the registered office and the production plant come together in a single complex. A restructuring intervention made the spaces modern and technologically advanced: to the 3,500 square meters of surface divided between production departments and headquarters, in July 2017 an additional 1,500 square meters were added which saw the use of specific and suitable materials to guarantee high production and safety standards, all in a Green and sustainable perspective, to maximize energy and production efficiency and reduce the environmental impact.


The structural implementation and installation of entirely PVC systems, the use of steel equipment and the resin flooring of all the surfaces of the complex have been designed to eliminate the risk of product contamination by specific metals (chrome , iron and aluminum) and make the tanned leather fully compliant with Metal Free parameters.
Also to satisfy this request, IPM Italia for La Patrie has studied two complementary solutions. For the areas subject to medium mechanical and transit stresses, located on the first floor of the building, IPM STRATOS (2.5 mm thick) was chosen, an epoxy multilayer system that has good chemical and wear resistance and that, in areas where the process liquids are deposited, it guarantees an excellent anti-slip action and is excellent. Its laying speed optimizes construction time, reducing intervention and downtime.


On the ground floor, to increase protection, hardness and wear resistance of the concrete pavement as well as to contain the presence of residual relative humidity equal to 6% and at the same time to regularize the existing pavement, IPM Italia intervened with IPM Aquareg 1 base coat for wet substrates (1 mm thick) and IPM STRATOS (2.5 mm thick), creating a total thickness of 3.5 mm (medium thickness) with new generation products and certified at zero VOC.
This feature, in particular, contributes to maintaining indoor air quality by creating a healthy and comfortable workplace, respecting the company’s green building philosophy. The new flooring is also easy to clean because it is dustproof, waterproof and oilproof, it offers excellent aesthetic results (as well as being customizable).
In December 2019, IPM Italia also took care of external surfaces for La Patrie: flooring for the parking area and office entrance on which IPM GeoDrena® was laid, the continuous draining flooring based on natural inert materials at zero VOC characterized by very high capacity draining, sustainability (given by the use of an eco-friendly binder of IPM Italia formulation) the aesthetics of the materials (marble, granite, porphyry), stability and resistance to use, even drive-over and speed of installation (we speak of 8 working hours for around 900 m2).

Art. Published by: Arketipo
date: 13/02/2020